Hello world, 

I'm Shannon, a 20 year old with an avid love for donuts, fueled by grace and a team of rad individuals. Just so you know I am human behind this screen, I figured it may be a good thing to let you know a little bit about my own story.

I called Orange County, California home for the first 18 years of my life, but I'm currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. Here in the desert, you can catch me avoiding the heat in a coffee shop typing or journaling until my fingers fall off.

I'm currently learning that life changing things come when you start to let people in and when you start to take leaps out of your comfort zone. For the longest time, I let fear and anxiety entangle me and stop me from seeing what life has to offer. If you are in that place, know you sure as heck aren't alone. 

This world and all its little nooks and crevices fascinates me to the max. Yet even more, it's people amaze me.

So what's this page for?

For the one who is currently holding tons of anxiety on their shoulders, this is for you. 

For the one who is looking to gain the courage to step out of their comfort zone, this is for you.

For the one who is lost and wandering and tired of striving to please the world around them, this is for you. 

My life isn't anything that I would deem to be super exciting, but somewhere down the road, I realized I have a deep love for stories, and that's how this blog came to be.

The hope is that somewhere between the words of this page, you find that you are not alone in your struggles.