100 Random Acts of Kindness.

Everyone could use a little bit more joy in their life. Spread love more by doing something kind for someone else, even if they are a stranger. I promise you will feel a little better and make someones day. Here are 100 ways to make the world a little bit of a sweeter place today.

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1. Send someone a hand written letter.

2. Remind someone you love them (even if it is just via text message).

3. Pay for someones coffee.

4. Pay for someones gas.

5. Leave a kind note somewhere (ex. on a table in a restaurant).

6. Call someone beautiful.

7. Donate blood.

8. Hold doors open.

9. Make someone a home cooked meal.

10. Bake cookies for a friend.

11. Have a meal with someone you do not know to well.

12. Remind someone you are praying for them.

13. Give someone a break and babysit for them for a day.

14. Give someone flowers, just because.

15. Smile at people when you walk by them.

16. Thank someone who serves your country/ community.

17. Recycle.

18. Pay for a strangers groceries.

19. Give a friend a basket of their favorite candy, just because.

20. Tip someone in a drive thru.

21. Donate clothing/toys/books.

22. Pick up trash.

23.Give someone a balloon.

24. Let somebody cut you in line.

25. Pay for the car behind you in the drive thru line.

26. Leave a kind note on someones car.

27. Wash someones windshield for them at the gas station.

28. Ask some one how they are, and genuinely mean it.

29. Send a care package to a soldier.

30. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

31. Leave quarters in a vending machine.

32. Call someone you love, just to say hello.

33. Leave a thank you note for the mail man/woman.

34. Leave a thank you note for the trash man/woman.

35. Offer to walk someones dog.

36. Give your grocery clerk a gift card.

37. Leave a jar of quarters at the laundry mat for someone.

38. Bring your librarian flowers.

39. Bring your teacher cookies.

40. Bring new toys to a homeless shelter.

41. Give a gift card to a friend going through a tough time.

42. Put some ones grocery cart away for them.

43. Deliver cards to hospitals.

44. Cash in your spare change and donate it to charity.

45. Donate food to the food bank.

46. Give a thank you not to a bus driver.

47. Leave a quarter at a gum ball machine.

48. Give someone a thank you note for being who they are.

49. Bake cookies for your coworkers.

50. Be friends with people in the homeless community.

51. Deliver coffee to people waiting at a bus stop.

52. Pay for someones popcorn at the movies.

53. Give the gas station employee a gift card.

55. Hide dollar bills around the dollar store.

56. Give a target gift card to somebody shopping at target.

57. Send encouraging notes to a nursing home.

58. Give your canned food to the local homeless shelter.

59. Talk to somebody while in line.

60. Stick kind notes in books at the library.

61. Send a good morning message just to encourage somebody.

62. Donate school supplies to your local school.

63. Talk to an elderly person, even if they are a stranger, and get to know them.

64. Pray with somebody.

65. Give someone you love breakfast in bed.

66. Leave spare change at a bus stop.

67. Add money to an expiring parking meter.

68. Leave a dollar in the candy isle of a grocery store with a note telling someone their treat is on you.

69. Deliver bottled water to construction workers.

70. Deliver flowers to the dental office.

71. Leave a gas station gift card at a gas pump.

72. Bring a fast food gift card to a homeless person and get lunch with them.

73. Leave flowers on someones door step.

74. Leave an encouraging sticky note on a public bathroom mirror.

75. Leave coupons on items in the grocery store.

76. Give a spa day to a single mom.

77. Drop a box of donuts off at the police station.

78. Pay for someones movie ticket.

79. Stop at a child's lemonade stand.

80. Donate first aid kits to the homeless shelter.

81. Thank somebody who puts others before themselves.

82. Let someone know if the are inspiring you.

83. Put money in a child's lunch account at your local elementary school.

84. Call an employees manager because they did a great job.

85. Clean the office refrigerator.

86. Tape a gift card to the ATM.

87. Drop 20 dollars in a parking lot.

88. Send dessert to someones table.

89. Anonymously leave a gift card in someones mail box.

88. Leave encouraging notes in someones mail box.

89. Send money to do someones Christmas shopping.

90. Smile at people.

91. Make a playlist for your friend.

92. Go to local small shops and bring them treats.

93. Leave an uplifting note in a hospital waiting room.

94. Be polite on the road.

95. Be friendly on social media.

96. Offer to help at a local charity.

97. Support a charity abroad.

98. Thank the employees at a place you go to daily.

99. Make a "happy" meal with a happy note for a stranger.

100. Remind somebody that they are so loved.

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