When You Give A Girl A New Beginning

I remember hearing time and time again that the transition between high school and college was the only time for a new beginning. This was the year to recreate yourself, to meet new people, and to be whoever you wanted to be. To an extent, I agree with this, that first year is one season of change after the other. Yet, I would argue that this is definitely not the ONLY chance you get to "start over". 

Each of us have a chance every single day to turn things around, to re-create. This does not all happen during one season of life, yet it is a never ending cycle of growth and progression. Each day we have choices to make. We can choose to love people, we can choose to give ourselves and others grace, we can choose to focus on making the day in front of us the best it could possibly be. 

Reality is, no matter how old we get, we are still all trying to figure out "what we want to be when we grow up." This is not something that only lasts until we leave for college. We never have it all together

When you are young and expected to make so many decisions, it is R O U G H. So here is your reminder, that this is not the only turning point in your story. Try not to focus on who you need to be in 5 years and focus on who you want to be right this very moment. Throw all of the "what should I be when I grow up's" out the window and focus on what you should be today.