Oh, But What Breaks Your Heart?

What is your passion?

Each individual you meet has a story to tell. These stories, their brokenness, their mess, their highs and their lows are all what makes them, them. Each little detail of their story has made them into the person they are today.

With each story, comes different passions. People are drawn to certain things, I would argue that this is for a reason.

You may be drawn to photography because of the story a photo tells, or maybe you are drawn to painting because you can create something out of nothing, maybe you are drawn to exercise because it is the one thing that clears that mind of yours. Whatever the case, these different passions contribute to making your story unique.

The way you take a photo and tell that story, could be a result of something that you see strength in. Maybe you write to feel something that you once felt many moons ago. 

I challenge you today, to use your passions as a means to love others. Take what breaks your heart and make something beautiful out of it, using your passions. Is it drawing that you love? Does it break your heart to see a homeless man on the street? Give him that little drawing of yours. Does it break your heart to see someone who does not have the ability to run? Run and run some more, but think about them, pray for them, and don't take your working legs for granted. Does it break your heart to see other nations suffering? Then figure out a way, my friend, to see those eyes that you once saw abroad. Write a letter to them. Does it break your heart to see someone who feels lonely? Be a friend, use your voice, you got a good one after all. Use the parts of your story that have made it your own to give someone else a story to tell one day.