True Rest: Turning Off The "Binge-Worthy" Series

We live in a crazy busy culture, right? I feel like I type that sentence out in almost every single post. However, it bears repeating because this life is just so stinking B U S Y.

Lately I have realized that not only do I complain about being busy, but I take any second of "not busy-ness" (aka boredom) and remind myself how much I deserve a break, then all of the sudden, I am on episode 6 of my latest Netflix, binge-worthy, series. 

Now look, relaxing is good for you, yes, but taking every single opportunity to relax by staring at a screen, not so much.

In all honesty, this is mainly a reminder to myself because I do this so dang often. Yet, maybe you need this reminder too, because reality is, none of us have it together.

I come home from a "long" day of working in retail or editing articles and suddenly, I am worthy of a break. Yet that break is spent scrolling or watching a screen. 

It is easier to just turn on the screen and turn off our brains,  but is this really rest. 

If not, then how do we rest then? What really recharges our batteries? 

For me, it is time spent reading my bible, writing down prayers, or even time in community. 

Life spent on a screen, is draining, yet we all do it so often. Yes, it is ok to use your phone or to watch a television series, just not every single chance you get.

I challenge you to open that book that has been sitting on your night stand, join a bible study group, go on a walk, spend some time in silence and see what happens. Rest in knowing that you do not need to be tied down to media 24/7. Your life does not revolve around the notifications on your phone or how fast you can finish season 12 of Grey's Anatomy. 

Make your time to rest a time to reflect.