It's October Of My Senior Year And I've Already Gotten, "What Are You Doing After College?" About 12 Times

As a 21 year old gal my mind shifts constantly when it comes with what I want to do with my life.

I’m a college senior, sooo, I am willing to bet that this is not all that abnormal.

Yet, if I am being real, I am consistently smacked in the face with the reality that in just a few short months, my life is probably going to need to be a bit more together than it is now!

One minute, I dream of having a family and doing all things mom-related.

The next, I am dreaming of passionately strolling the streets of New York while pursuing a career.

Look, I don’t know about you, but both of these sound pretty dang appealing. I love kiddos and I love writing till my fingers start to cramp.

I thrive off of the lightning speed lifestyle of the city, yet crave the slowed down world of a small town in the mountains on the coast of Oregon.

I am a walking contradiction and I wish I could tell you that I had it more figured out than I actually do.

These thoughts are spouting out of my brain because I am willing to bet that whether you are a freshman in college, a 35 year old mother, or a senior citizen, you can relate.

We all fear the “what the heck am I doing with my life?”

We all fear the next time someone asks “so, what’s next?”


You don’t need to be at the cusp of adulthood to know that you fear the future, but dang, I’ll tell ya’, being 21 really pulls those fears right up to the surface.

What I am learning at this age is that it is time to throw the fear out the window.

It is time to chuck that little word to the wolves and let them shred it to pieces.

There does NOT need to be fear about where I am going to live or what I am going to do because regardless, it WILL be ok.

And you will be ok too!

Whether I am in New York and scrabbling to make ends meet or on the coast of Oregon learning to navigate all of the hip coffee shops that nestle themselves within the tall trees, there does not need to be fear.

What there will be regardless of location is growth. There will be challenges and there will be smiles. There will be new faces and new lattes to taste. There will be old friends to call up at any moment and there will be the California coast that I got to call home for 18 years. There will always, always be a Bible to crack open and prayers to pray.

Life isn’t going to stop.

I can go forth with oodles of fear, or I can say some Prayers, march forward, and see where this crazy journey leads.

If I, a human with a very mediocre (that’s debatable) level of strength, can March forward, I believe that you can too.

Shannon HaupertComment