Beauty Amidst Boredom: You Can Rest and Not Feel Guilty About It

You know that little girl who can't sit still no matter where she is? Whether it's class, the car, while playing sports, this chick just CAN'T sit still. 

Welp, I was that girl when I was little and I still am. 

If I was playing softball as a child and in the outfield, you could catch me sitting out there picking the grass because BOREDOM IS A REAL THING. 

My life was filled with constant conversations that involved me chatting peoples ears off because I wanted to avoid the discomfort of boredom. All I wanted to do was keep on moving, constantly. My poor mother never got a break because my stubborn little heart could NOT wait for absolutely anything.

I was impatient to the max and could not just sit there (trust me, I am still not a professional sitter-stiller).

Bottom line, if you look up the word "antsy" in the dictionary, yo' girls photo belongs right next to it. 

Side note, that little chatter box turned silent once high school hit.

Once a bubbly little human, I became the introvert of all introverts and quickly learned it was time to channel that energy elsewhere.

That antsy little human grew up and FILLED her schedule to the brim in order to avoid any ounce of boredom. I mean, when you don't have time to breathe, than you definitely won't be bored, right? 

Welp, that was MUCH less fulfilling y'all. I was left COMPLETELY drained. Ever been there? 

Now, I am somewhere in the process of learning that there is a happy medium. You don't need to consistently be all "uppity" and "antsy", but you also don't need to be super lazy.

If you are anything like me, you may catch yourself feeling guilty when you have a moment to be bored. Perhaps you are longing to do something, but once you do you feel like you "need a break." 

It turns out that there can be beauty in rest. These moments when the calendar is empty can fuel us to go forth and be stronger human beings. 

When you catch yourself with a free minute, use it wisely. Don't sit in the guilt of "not doing enough." 

What makes ya' a stronger human? Perhaps, your day off is the day to do just that!

What brings ya' hope and joy and fuels your soul instead of drains you? DO THAT. When you have a day off, use it.

There is a whole lot of beauty amidst the "boring" moments.


Shannon HaupertComment