Ladies, Not Every Gal Gets An Education, It Is Time To Pick Up The Books And READ Them

I hate to admit this but reading is something I used to loathe.

I was the kid who would moan and groan when filling out the reading log for school because I absolutely despised the idea of sitting still for a whole 20 minutes with a book cracked open. 

My little kid worldview was about the size of a pea and I was seemingly unaware of the education I was getting and its importance. My words and actions pointed to the idea that I hated school and everything to do with it, except for lunch (Yo' girl has always been a fan of food).



Just to put that into perspective a little bit more, there are 8.5 million people that live in New York City. 

Just imagine all of New York City and multiply that by 7.6 and there you have the number of girls that are not currently in school. HUH? 

My mind can't even begin to grasp this and I am willing to bet yours can't either (Not to call ya' out, this is just A LOT of people and our brains have a hard time comprehending this). 

Not only are there millions upon millions of girls around the world not getting educated, but this is not just a number. 

These are real life human beings with brains. 

The girl who is capable of finding the cure for cancer could be sitting in a village somewhere where she doesn't get the chance to learn to read, simply because she doesn't have access to an education. 

The girl who is capable of doing research on heart disease, or the girl who is capable of writing novels that could inspire another million girls, or the girl who is capable of being the best artist this world has ever known, or the girl who is capable of being the most talented brain surgeon in the world might not ever get the chance to do this because they don't have the opportunity to attend school.

This, as it should, confuses us, shatters our hearts, and stirs a sense of anger and conviction inside our minds.

My education was handed to me on a silver platter. I didn't have to ask for it. I didn't have to dream up what it would look like to gain an education. I had access to books all the time and thank the Lord he put people in my life who loved me and cared for me and provided for me and taught me that this education didn't come at no cost. 

Noticing that this isn't something that all girls have access too is probably one of the most guilt infusing, heart-wrenching truths I have ever come to know.

So now what? What do we do now that we know?

Well, my friends, this is always going to be a work in progress while we are walking this Earth, but we can make an impact together. 

I am well aware that I, by myself, am not able to educate 65 million women. 

But we are capable of starting a chain and educating one human being at a time. We can send girls to school through programs that educate those abroad. We can donate our funds to those who are waiting to enter schools. We can be thankful for the education we do have and read actual books and continue to gain knowledge. 

We can be thankful for each and every class we get to sit through and we can use our own education and perhaps go to another country and educate others ourselves if we get the chance.

I don't know where you are reading this post from, but I know that if you are reading it, that means you know how to read. Dust that book off that has been sitting on your nightstand for months and read it simply because you have the ability to do so.

Use your education for good.