Social Media Is The Roller Coaster I Never Meant To Get On

Instagram, Facebook. Twitter, Snapchat… it has all taken the world by storm.

Our lives are filled with likes, follows, and filters, and we go each day without thinking twice prior to opening our Instagram app countless times (oh girl, you know I’m guilty).

We all know that these little devices could be traps for comparison, pain, and anxious thoughts, yet we still store them on the home screen of our lil’ smart phones.

They just sit their daunting us.

Think about it for a second…

When you feel uncomfortable in a social setting? Boom, the phone comes out.

When you crawl into bed at the end of the day? Phone in hand.

When you ARE ON THE TOILET? You guessed it, PHONE in hand.

We no longer live in a world where our minds rest.

I am willing to bet, we all get sick of it at times and have a desire to go off the grid. However, the hard part is actually putting that into action and taking yourself off of it when you know it’s causing some problems.

Some people may be able to have social media without living for the feed. Some may use it for a creative outlet and for fun!! This is what keeps so many of us on these little platforms and filtering our cute little photos.

It’s not always bad. If you are a current user of Instagram, this is NOT in any way meant to shame you.

When it is bad is when we realize our intentions have steered away from what matters and leaned towards attention seeking, comparing, and jealousy.

In the book, “And Still She Laughs” by Kate Merrick, we are given a brief story of honest insight as to what social media does to our brains. Merrick describes a time in her life when her daughter had cancer. She explains that she spent her time in the hospital jealous of the moms posting photos of their daughters long hair, while she sat in a room looking at her daughter as she lie in a hospital bed without a hair on her head.

This was the moment that Merrick decided Instagram had to go. She explains that her daughter was still there, right in front of her. Looking at the long haired children on the beach in the photos wasn’t going to give her daughter her life back. It was toxic and taking Merrick away from time with her own child.

If we are being honest with ourselves, we have probably been there too. It may not have been in the room of a hospital, yet in your very own home, in the workplace, or with your significant other.

Our lives all look different. There might be times when social media doesn’t suck the life out of us. However, there are often times that social media drags us in to somewhere we are not. Currently, I’m sitting on my bed typing this lil’ blog post and I feel pretty content. I know for a fact that if I scroll through social media and see that someone is “living the dream,” my mind is instantly clouded by all of the things I don’t have.

“Kara has the ‘perfect’ relationship and I don’t.”

“Wow, so and so is succeeding in their career goals and I’m not.”

You see, sometimes we need to refocus. For some that may be just checking your heart behind social media and how it makes you feel. For some that may be deleting the little apps that run our lives. For some, it may be setting some restrictions on times spent on social media. For some it could be remaining cautious of your motives when you post.

I’m not here to condemn you and tell ya’ that all social media sucks and that you must deactivate every account ever made. However, I am here to confess to you that I have failed time and time again when it comes to Instagram. As a person with a blog, THIS is supposed to be what I’m good at. However, at the end of the day, I know my motives are false and it is time to stop caving into the idea that this little platform is going to fill some sort of void or somehow make me feel more loved.

For some, social media is a very good resource, for me, today, it is currently feeding into far too many lies.

Evaluate where you are at today. You’re allowed to take a break. You are allowed to stay on the ‘gram if you’d like. You are allowed to be real with yourself and stop the posting for the sake of one more like and one more follow. You know your own intentions. Act accordingly, friends.

We are all a work in progress. Thanks for tuning in to my love hate relationship with social media. This is the roller coaster I never intended to be on when I created my accounts.