Let's Keep It Real: Life Isn't Always Easy

Let’s be real here friends, life is a mess 99% of the time.

We keep our lives hidden behind prettily (is that a word? It is today) filtered photos and wear masks of having it all together.

I’m going to ask you for a second to drop the mask at the door, sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and just chat with me. So resume reading this once you are comfy cause it’s a deep one.

My friend said something to me a few minutes ago that has already calmed down my anxious heart: “Jesus hasn’t asked you to show up while having it all together.”

OH GIRL, can I get an amen?

Ok, so if this is true, then why have I been walking around with a mask on that says “I’m OK,” when really I have nothing together.

Since we are keeping it real:

My room is currently a disaster (HA, that is the LEAST of my concerns right now).

I need to pack my life into boxes to move across the country in a few months.

Across said country, I don't have a job yet.

My heart is insanely fearful of loneliness.

The foster system has wrecked my heart (in good and bad ways, but all messy).

Honestly, I could keep this list going and it would be a mile long, but for now, we will save you from reading that.

Yet, here I am showing up each day acting as if I have my life together… AND I REALLY DON’T.

It sounds exciting to say that you are moving across the country. It sounds exciting to say you will be getting your degree. It sounds exciting to be soaking in all the last minute adventures of college.

Don’t get me wrong, IT IS EXCITING.

However, with transition comes change and change is a hard beast to tackle my friends.

The good news here: Whatever your facing today, whether that be moving across the country, your friends moving away, your relationship that you thought was forever coming to an end, having to say goodbye to your loved one, anxiety, hurt, eating disorders, depression, whatever it is that you are tackling, you don’t have to come before the Lord with a “mask of having it all together.”

Scripture tells us to come as we are.

We can leave the mask at the door because HA the Lord can see right through it anyways.

Come as you are. Let someone in. Lean into the discomfort and be the hot mess that you are.

NO ONE has it all together. No matter how “perfect” their life may seem on paper or on a screen.

The mess is real. The hurt is real. God is so real and fighting your battles. As cliche as this all may sound, know your mask can be left on the ground. Come as you are, my friend.

Shannon HaupertComment