Meaningful Rhythms: The "Keep You Afloat" Kind of Thing I Didn't Know I Needed

In the past I have sat in the stress of the mess, if you will, that comes when things get busy and out of control.

If you’ve spent any amount of time around me or this lil’ blog deal, you know I have a small (cough cough, large) obsession with podcasts and have since only grandmas were the ones who listened to them.

Recently, while on my drive to work with Jamie Ivey or Audrey Roloff’s voice coming through my speakers, I have heard a common theme mentioned amongst the podcast community.

This theme: Rhythms.

Rhythms are the simple fix I didn’t know I was searching for.

Rhythms are the thing that people have tried to teach me in church small groups, sermons, and maybe even school for YEARS, I just didn’t realize these people were right and that I didn’t quite understand what they were saying, so this little post is meant to break that down. If you are anything like me, these will drastically improve your life, so stay tuned.

Rhythms are the things that we do on the daily that set the tone of our lives. Think of these as part of your routine if you will. You perform these rhythms out of habit and they are life giving.

While amidst an episode of a podcast titled “Behind The Scenes” with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, the married couple mentioned the idea of including things in your every day life that fill you up. For instance, the friends they spoke with explained that they are in the rhythm of saying a prayer as a family each morning. It’s not a chore, they don’t force or drag their kids to do it with them, it is just a part of who they are. Whether their life is going smoothly, or they are in the midst of tragedy, they wake up and they pray as a family.

Now, this rhythm may be unique to this family, however we can all take from their example.

Perhaps your new rhythm could be saying a prayer by yourself before bed, reading as you fall asleep instead of being on your phone, or sending a text to someone you love at least once a day.

These lil’ habits aren’t chores, but they are part of who you are and DANG they will be oh so helpful when the going gets tough (or when things are smooth sailing too)!!

I’m not a pro at this whole life thing at all, I’m just a human being trying to survive in this crazy world.

Here’s the deal though, in a very short amount of time, the following rhythms have helped me keep my mind on track and focused on what matters.

  1. Putting the phone away prior to getting in bed.

  2. Listening to some worship music before listening to anything else in the morning.

  3. Praying outlaid while alone in the car.

Amidst a season of transition that could easily bring me fear, I really see the Lord moving in big ways to keep me calm. This is done through repetition of keeping Him at the front of my mind through rhythms.

Christianity is not about following specific rules. As Christ followers, each rhythm of our lives should be a response to the Gospel.

Consistency in the middle of my rollercoaster of a life is something that keeps me rooted. Rhythms are “keeping me afloat” and I didn’t even know I needed them.