Radical by David Platt

I stumbled upon this book just a couple of weeks ago and read the back of it thinking, "Eh, sounds interesting." 

Once I opened to the first chapter, I was immediately "shook" (I hear the kids are saying that now a' days). 

This book rattled my vision of the church in the US and wrecked me in a variety of ways. 

I should probably start by saying that there were parts of this book that I didn't WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree with. However, his take on different parts of scripture were fascinating and eye opening. 

If you live in the US, you are (hopefully) aware of the materialism that exists amidst this crazy culture of ours. 

Often times, the church tends to contribute to that as well. We fill our churches here with lights, and surround sound, and super comfy seats just so that we could be comfortable. 

Meanwhile, not everyone gets the chance to even attend church around the world, let alone attend church with the comforts that many US churches offer. 

We have become accustomed to the wealth of our society and fallen into the trap of constantly needing more. 

Many times, we fail to step into areas that we aren't comfortable and that my friends is such an issue.

This book addresses how to change this culture of the church and what that could look like from David Platt's take on scripture.

If this interests you even in the slightest, you have gotta' pick up this book. 


Shannon HaupertComment