Meet Sharon

"Can we be friends?" She uttered with a contagious smile that melted my heart.

"Of course we can." Were the only words that I could think to let off my lips.

What an honor it would be to be friends with someone who holds such a silent strength. This was the start of a conversation with a 13 year old Ugandan girl who changed my heart.

Moments later and stories were shared, laughs were belted out, and tears were shed. I learned on this day that surface level conversations are not what I am about.

Also, I learned that this demonstration of raw reliance on Christ was exactly what I needed to see in order for my heart to be checked. This girl loves the Lord, and not in a checklist sort of way, you know what I am talking about, the general, I read my Bible and prayed today type of love, nope, that does not describe Sharon. She loves the Lord in a way that shines through her eyes. We later talked about her hopes and dreams of becoming a pastor. 

Sunday, she came to church and worshipped her heart out and again demonstrated the unfailing love that so kindly shines through her. Sharon has a heart of gold, a heart filled with Christ and it shows. I strive to love others and God the way she does.

You see the second she broke the ice and asked to be my friend, something inside me clicked. This life that I live is about moments like this one; genuine smiles and conversations that break surface level. All of this was clear after only a few short days of hanging out with Sharon. 

Sharon, thanks for teaching me how to love others better. Thank you for sharing your story with me. Thank you for leaving such an impression on my heart.


Shannon Haupert1 Comment