Meet Cassidy.

For anyone who knows Cassidy, it is so clear that her humor can light up any room. She is constantly bringing joy to others by making them laugh. Cassidy has been such a light in my life this past year so I figured you should all get to hear a little bit about her also. 

So for starters, she likes Mexican food, loved her trip to Nashville, and you could probably find her often times overly caffeinated. Yet, between the coffee runs and trips to visit friends, she finds time to start children's ministries, and be a special needs aid, all well balancing an internship and working a job at a school. 

Cassidy works with children, these kids sometimes drive her a little bit crazy , but I am pretty confident that anyone who has seen her in her element is aware that this is one place she thrives. Honestly, she is practically a miracle worker, she has a special gift with children who have autism. What amazes me most about her heart for these kids is, is that she is most inspired by the children she works with, their hearts for Jesus, she is so interested to see where they end up. Also, Cassidy expressed that these children have shaped her heart due to the joy they find in all things and their ability to find grace and beauty in their autism.

Over the past year, Cassidy has grown so much in her relationship with Christ. When asked how to wrap up 2016 so far, into one word, she expressed that she feels "beloved" would best describe this year. Also, she was transparent about the fact that realizing she was a beloved child of God has drastically changed her life. 

If there was one person she could meet, dead or alive, she would still stick to the community she already has. Cassidy is mostly inspired by the ordinary people she meets, and those who help her expand her faith. She explained that she does not need to meet a celebrity for any reason. One place that inspires her the most is the beach, she really likes just being in the presence of the ocean, she later realized this was the place where God was really speaking to her, even before she even knew who God was himself.

Further more her favorite bible verse is Matthew 4:19-20. This verse states, "come follow me",Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people", at once, they left their nets and followed him." Cassidy aims to have the mentality displayed in the verse and she feels that the two words, "at once" are extremely powerful.

Cassidy has overcome a lot of challenges in her 22 years of life. She is quite possibly one of the strongest human beings I have come across. Amidst the joy, laughter, and Mexican food she brings to the table, she just genuinely has a heart for others and for Jesus.


An accurate representation of the 22 year old is featured in the above image (Cassidy is the one hugging the tree).

An accurate representation of the 22 year old is featured in the above image (Cassidy is the one hugging the tree).