Life Lessons via Penpal

There are days when life can get lonely, confusing, or just downright hard. Let me tell ya, I didn't ever plan on having a friend across the country, but that is what has made having a penpal such a unique and uplifting experience. All of the sudden, there was someone I could turn to who was many miles away and still felt the same brokenness that I so often feel.

This girl wasn't someone that I went out and searched for. Isn't it funny when things work that way? We could sometimes make huge efforts to strive for a friendship, a relationship, a job, the right place to live and never find it, yet so often God throws what we were searching for in our life once we stop looking. 

That's exactly what happened with Allie. A new friend was thrown into my life right when I needed her and did not even know it. 

We met through another blogger, Amanda Carpenter, who started a program called Monthly Letters of Encouragement. I signed up to write letters and Amanda sent me a small list of girls to love on each month. I was SO excited when one of them wrote me back, that was Allie. 

Y'ALL. Now that we have been writing for months, real friendship has been formed, lessons have been learned, stories have been shared, and memories are being made. 

When life hits either one of us with the gross, tough stuff, we reach out to each other and get an honest, real, unbiased piece of advice.

Allie is a human being. She is a nanny. She is a doula. She is strong, brave, and courageous. She is full of grace. These are all things I would have never known unless we both took the chance to step out of our comfort zones a little and write letters. 

To be honest, this was more exciting than anything else, but it took a little bit of time, it took some patience, and it took a lot of trust to share our struggles with one another.

Yet, maybe there is something in your life that you have been searching for, maybe there is something you have been desiring, could I just encourage you to pray about it, but not obsess over it.

I can not tell you how often I begged desperately to have a solid group of gals. Never did I imagine I would even gain one across the country. Having a penpal has been more encouraging than I ever thought and we are both being stretched at different seasons of life. Our stories are interwoven despite the ten states that sit between us. I am in awe of the work that is being done through writing one little letter months and months ago. 

This is Allie and the little one she nannies, Ellie. They rock, I mean just look at those smiles.

This is Allie and the little one she nannies, Ellie. They rock, I mean just look at those smiles.





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