Meet Ellie Winters.


Arizona native.

Lover of writing.

Believer in God’s good grace.

These are all words that describe 22 year old, Ellie Winters.

Ellie has many passions. One of these is writing and what we will be chatting about today is how this hobby has worked both in her and through her.

I mean, let’s be real, the ways that God can use the stories people share is pretty insane. There are pretty encouraging things that happen when one person relates to another.

Ellie has seen stories change the world first hand.

Aspiring writers, you have got to stay tuned, ok? Please stay tuned.

Well, let’s start with where it all began for Ellie.

Typically, we don’t feel super comfy sharing words.

We live in a social media centered culture, one where words are posted everywhere, but a lot of times these are words that lack meaning.

So, what does this mean for the topics that do matter, but aren’t being heard? These are the topics that Ellie often writes about.

In our chat, she mentioned the vulnerability that this takes. I mean, for real, when you share words, you are pretty much opening the door for anyone to say whatever they want about some parts of your soul that aren’t super easy to share.

Yet, what Ellie made clear was how insanely worth it this was.

Last year, Ellie started to share some lengthy Instagram captions and later started writing for an online publication called Odyssey.

She continued sharing those lengthy captions and got super real when she addressed a topic close to her heart (quite literally).

She made the brave decision to write about a heart condition that she has been diagnosed with.

This post addressed some of her symptoms, some vulnerable parts of her life, and opened the doors for conversation about the diagnosis.

When she shared this, she was approached a couple months later by a family who was able to get their daughter accurately diagnosed with this same heart condition because of the symptoms Ellie described.

This is why stories should continue to be shared. This is why social media has some good sides.

If this wasn’t already a powerful way that writing influenced Ellie’s life and others, there is more to come.

Again, stay tuned my friends.

Ellie explained that coinciding with her writing was a season when she prayed about her future relationship.

These prayers were filled with specifics, like meeting someone at church and meeting someone who had a big family, something she’s always dreamed of.

Though this was by no means an overnight process or an easy process at that, these prayers were answered.

Not only that, but she explains that this guy is “so much more than she could’ve ever prayed for.”


So now that you are done “Aww-ing” over how adorable this is… there is more.

Down the road, her significant other told her up front that part of the reason he liked her from the start was because of her vulnerability in her writing. (TOLD YOU, IT GOT EVEN CUTER.)

We might not all meet our significant others through writing (OR MAYBE YOU WILL, WHO KNOWS).

We might not all have a diagnosis to share.

We might not all have the same story,

But, we do all have a story.

Ellie Winters, you are living proof that writing can change this world for the better.

Shannon HaupertComment