4 Things You Learn From A Fast 4 Days In New York City

I have always called myself a mountain girl, which is actually quite odd because I was born and raised near the Pacific Ocean. 

Cold weather and trees have always been my absolute favorite. 

Just a few months ago, I got to see New York City for the first time.

This city is flat and lacks trees so I never really saw myself absolutely loving it but I knew I would take the chance to see it if it ever came and one day it did (YAY).

So this past January my friend Lily and I bought some spur of the moment plane tickets and by March we were headed to meet our friend (turned tour guide), also named Lily who lives in Brooklyn.

My friends, I left the hustle and bustle certain that this was somewhere I fell in love with oh so quickly. 

Even though my Southern California bones froze the entire trip, I adored the way that the city moved and the immense diversity of it all.

I love the way it pushes people and the way that even though you are in the midst of crowds constantly, you have the ability to go at your own pace. 

Seeing it from a locals perspective was my absolute favorite. Seeing the Washington Arch up close and wandering through Central Park was so much fun with some of my favorite people by my side. 

So, here ya' have it, 4 things I learned in New York City in a very fast 4 days. 

1. I am so insignificant. 


I know, this is super cheery, right? 

I feel like this either sounds like a negative thing or like a super deep thought. You know when you look down from an airplane and you see all of those little specs of houses and they get smaller and smaller the higher up you go and all you can think is, "DANG, I am one of SO many people in this world?" 

Welp. this City gave me that feeling, consistently. It wasn't a bad thing though. I felt like my problems were so minuscule and that being small and blending in was enjoyable. This turned out to be the best reminder that I am not the center of the universe. 

2. Confidence is extremely important. 


My friend Lily said the words, "This city will eat you alive if you don't think you are the best thing since sliced bread." 

My friends, if you want to live in New York, you have to walk like you know what you are doing and where you are going even when you are completely oblivious. Fake it 'till you make it people. You can't stop on the sidewalk to navigate your GPS because you will either get ran into by a nicely dressed businessman or even worse, run over by a taxi. 

Act like you know what you are doing and be confident even when you are lost in this beautiful city. 

3. Your feet are capable of taking you way further than you thought.


Y'all, I have never in my entire life walked as much as we did in these 4 days. 

One day, we came to realize that we had gone 19 miles on foot, NINETEEN. 

Did I think my feet would fall off? Absolutely. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can walk pretty much anywhere in New York. Our feet took us through China Town, Little Italy, Central Park, up 5th Ave, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and beyond. 

4. Set goals and achieve them. 

(Super cheesy, I know.)


However, this city taught me that you can achieve goals. You can do things that you didn't think you could. 

I was AMAZED by how many people work their butts off to make it work and survive in New York City. You can't just sit there and expect life to come to you. 

The streets of this place are filled with people who work hard and who are putting in effort day in and day out just to survive. 

In my mind, I thought living in New York was some glamorous lifestyle like Gossip Girl teaches. 

This city is FAR more than that. It isn't the least bit "glamorous" most of the time.

It was encouraging to walk these streets for 4 days. 

If I ever get the opportunity to live here, I have no doubt that this place would grow me like crazy each and every day. 

In my personal opinion, it would be a  beautiful challenge to call this city home for a little while. Learning what it takes to survive and "make it" in New York City taught me more than I ever imagined.