South East Asia

Holy moly, it was lovely to meet the other side of the Pacific Ocean. 

If we are being super real here, this place challenged me more than anywhere I have ever gone in my life. 

I adored it at times and wanted to rip my hair out at other times. 

This was a land filled with geckos, poisonous snakes, BEAUTIFUL people, abuse, natural disasters, terrorism, love, REALLY green plants, a whole lot of diversity and SO much more. 

It wouldn't be anywhere near possible to wrap all of this up into one little post, but you gotta start somewhere. 

Lesson number 1 was that diversity is OH so beautiful and important. 

Something I am learning is the lack of listening and understanding that takes place in the US. If you are a foreigner in the US, people might look at you differently, or they might completely ignore you. How often do we ACTUALLY take the time to sit down and ask someone about what they believe and why they believe it?

Oh, and don't get me wrong. I am MORE than guilty of ignoring the world around me and being SO self centered. 

It takes time to break down these borders.

It takes effort. 

It takes awkward moments and uncomfortable conversations. It takes leaping out of your comfort zone and inviting people in. It takes laying down your pride.

And it is SO worth it. 

Sit down with people, build a relationship. 

Please, please, please do not just walk up and shove your beliefs down someones throat without even learning and listening with them.

We all have a past. We all bring some sort of hurt to the table.

This place taught me that there is often simultaneously abuse and love in the same home. This place taught me that God works in spite of our mistakes. This place taught me that listening to your neighbor is not just good, but NECESSARY.

Being kind is a must. Reminding people there IS good in the world NEEDS to happen. 

No one is perfect, keep on loving and living and see where that takes ya'.

Shannon HaupertComment