Money, money, money. We all know that this little 5 letter word is capable of controlling a lot. This could control how much we eat in a week, if you are like me and in college, this could control how much top ramen you consume, but this little word holds a lot of meaning. Where we invest our dollars matters. I know, I know, you have probably heard this already, "be wise, blah, blah, blah." But, I am talking about something a little different. I am not telling you to never shop, I am telling you to invest in companies that are helping others. I am going to give you some shops that I am positive are doing social good. I know, sometimes it could be hard to trust others and know that your money is going to charity but these companies ACTUALLY do help others. I have spoken with the owner of a shop called "Share and Do Good" and the majority of these companies I am about to list sell their items in that store and online. 


1. 31 BITS

This company ROCKS. So, 31 Bits is a jewelry company, not only are the pieces ADORABLE, but they are also changing the world. The items are handmade by woman in Gulu, Uganda and the profit from the jewelry employs the woman. This is also a program for the woman where they eventually graduate after gaining the skills to work and do business on their own. How rad it that?

2. Krochet Kids

Krochet kids, also started in Gulu, Uganda, is another fantastic company. From hats, to shirts, to backpacks, this is a place where women from Both Uganda and Peru create unique and such comfortable clothing. The proceeds from this go towards providing a stable income for woman while they are employed by Krochet kids. After working here, they gain skills to join the workforce in their homes. This is a place filled with so much love and care for the woman they employ.

3. Purpose Jewelry

Purpose Jewelry aims to help survivors of human trafficking by employing women from both Mumbai, India as well as women in the US. The pieces of jewelry made and designed by the woman are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. I can not express how cute and dainty these pieces are. 10/10 recommend checking out their designs because you will not regret it.

4. The Created Co.

Alright, so clearly, as seen above, this is a company that makes some fantastic looking drinkware. If you love mugs, bottles, etc. you must visit their site. This company gives back by donating 10% of their net profits to Charity Water who then donates 100% of that money to help others around the world get clean water. SWEET. 

5. Sseko Designs

This is a company that also employs woman in Uganda and these talented ladies produce some fabulous products. Starting with shoes, the company created a sole that you tie ribbon to in order to create your own design. This is such a fun and creative way to make your shoes match any outfit. Check them out to see other products like some bags and must have items.

6. Good Paper

These cards are too cute. This company employs survivors of sex trafficking from the Philippines as well young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda. The witty comments are sure to make someone smile if you send them a letter via snail mail. All of us need a little more love, and what better way to spread it than through a card that is helping people have a better life?

7. The Giving Keys

The Giving Keys are not only fabulous, they are also good for anyone, boy, girl, mom, dad, man, woman, grandma, grandpa, ANYONE could where these. They have necklaces and bracelets that feature words. The point is to accomplish the word that is on the necklace and pass it on to someone else so it could be part of their story. What makes these even better? They employ the homeless. So with an empowering necklace, you can change a life.

There you have it, now go shop. 

If you would like to visit "Share and Do Good" they have a shop in Long Beach, California as well as Fullerton, CA. 

By the way, just a disclaimer, this was not sponsored, these are real life companies that are helping others and deserve to be recognized.

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